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It’s time to get more customers through the door and more profit in your pocket! Join International Best-Selling Author, Business Coach, and 7-Figure Business Owner Stacy Tuschl to discover the systems and strategies that really work to grow your own local small business. From offline and online marketing to staffing, scaling, mindset and more, you’ll learn the essential elements for building a massively profitable business and a hugely happy life. Whether you own a dental office or dance studio, real estate brokerage or salon/spa—or any local business in between—the strategies you need to succeed are here. Formerly She's Building Her Empire, click “play” and let’s get started!
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Feb 9, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


Today, Stacy talks about how the outside view of a business can look so different from what's going on on the inside. She uses a story about a building that she had renovated for her Performing Arts Academy, to point out that you always need to have some savings as a safety net, to help you when you need it. She also encourages you to ensure that you have a line of credit available for unforeseen situations. She explains that credit is something that is usually available when you don't really need it, so it helps to keep it in reserve for when you do.


Stacy also talks about budgeting today- and the importance of having a budget that allows for you to have money available to do something fun with, even if you're feeling a little tight. Listen in today as Stacy encourages you to “work while you're waiting” and to “do things bigger and better, whatever that is for your business”.


Some highlights include:


“All of a sudden you're looking to uplevel your website or uplevel something else in your business.” At minute 7.12, Stacy talks how expenses creep into a business, way down the line.


“A lot of successful businesses do this because they're the ones that are taking the risk and investing back in the business.” At minute 7.26, Stacy talks about investing back into your business.


“For me, I'm getting so good at waiting for that second marshmallow, because I know, by waiting I will have something even bigger and better with my business.” At minute 8.10, Stacy encourages you to hold on and know that there will be more, down the road.


“If you keep thinking I will not go eat out, I will not go to the movies...” At minute 8.50, Stacy encourages you to do something to feel that you are being rewarded, to motivate yourself.


“You've got to figure out what do we need to change for next time?” At minute 10.43, Stacy encourages you to keep working out how you're going to keep moving forward with your business.


“You need to have a passive income coming in.” At minute 11.03, Stacy talks about the value in setting up a passive income stream.


“There's a lot of work to be done in the beginning...” At minute 11.35, Stacy talks about the preparation involved in setting up a passive income stream.


“Setting it up as a system, so after it's over, you can turn it into what we call evergreen, right, where it's always running.” At minute 12.58, Stacy talks about creating evergreen aspects to your business.


“Yes, there is a lot of sacrifice that comes with being a business owner, or being an entrepreneur, but at the same time, I need you to be rewarding yourself.” At minute 13.23, Stacy talks about the importance of rewarding yourself for your wins.


“As soon as that happened, life got so much easier for us.” At minute 14.23, Stacy encourages you to get on the same page financially, as your spouse.

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Stacy recommends: Dave Ramsay's Financial Peace University as a great way for you and your spouse to get onto the same page, financially.


Webinar coming up next week- 5 Secrets To Turn Connections Into Currency and Build a Profitable Personal Brand:

Feb 7, 2017

The guest on today's show is Natalie Sorensen, a leading Success Coach and a Personal Branding Mentor for women. She is dedicated to helping mompreneurs shift their money mindset and discover infinite possibility. She's been an entrepreneur for almost thirteen years, so it comes as no surprise to learn that her passion has always been for business. Today, Natalie talks to Stacy about personal branding and building a six figure success story.


Natalie experienced a huge shift in her life when her kids entered the picture, busting her limiting belief that she couldn't both run a successful business and be a Rockstar Mom...  So came the birth of The Mompreneur's Club on Facebook. Natalie started it because she really wanted to create a community for Moms to support Moms in growing great businesses. Listen in today and find out from Natalie how you can skyrocket your online business to huge success.


Some highlights include:


“So one thing that I'm very passionate about is that you don't have to be a hot mess as a Mom...” From minute 2.38, Natalie talks about how she came up with her own brand.


“It's not always about comfort and convenience- it's about dreaming big!” At minute 4.50, Natalie talks about dreaming big as a precursor to success.


“I actually launched my online business- December a year ago.” At minute 7.47, Natalie talks about her amazing year of meteoric growth in her online business and the many things that she's learned in that time.


“How do I take this six figure income in six months and say, double it?” At minute 9.36, Natalie talks about scaling her business.


“A high-level program that was going to take entrepreneurs from not knowing how to create an online business or online brand, to really getting it executed.” At minute 9.53, Natalie talks about creating her signature program.


“I knew that I could hit a six figure launch if all these other people that I was seeing online could...” At minute 12.55, Natalie talks about her determination to be successful.


“So, no, I got really clear on what my God-given gifts were that I was going to use within this program.” From minute 13.55, Natalie talks about what she did to hit the really big numbers and also about where her strength lies.


“Hire a high-end coach, hire a really successful copywriter- put yourself in a position where your launch can't fail.” At minute 17.27, Natalie offers advice to ensure that your launch is a success.


“I love that I had a proven launch strategy that I was going to follow.” At minute 21.49, Natalie stresses the value of planning things out before you start.


“For 2017, I'm going to really specifically focus on just offering three things...” From minute 30.18, Natalie talks about what can be expected from her, going forward into 2017.


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Natalie's Facebook group: The Mompreneur Club


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Feb 2, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


Stacy started going live on video about a year ago. She jumped in on Periscope, which was a hot new thing, back then and she loved it! Today, Stacy shares much of what she has learned through her 'going live' experience. She explains that although it may appear to be daunting at first, you will quickly grow into it and become more comfortable as you go on.


On today's show, Stacy dives into the details of live streaming effectively. She points out that when you're structured properly and know what you're doing and how to do it, you're going to see results. She encourages you too, to dive in and do it! Listen in today and find out just how much you can boost your business through the use of live streaming.


Some highlights include:


“I want you to figure out the best times for you to jump on live...” At minute 4.14, Stacy points out that you need to choose the best times to jump on live, taking into account times that will suit your audience too.


“But then I did randomly do a 9pm one night and it was my highest numbers ever.” At minute 5.34, Stacy talks about how she found a good time to do her live show in the evenings when she was sure to get a lot of engagement.


“The more people that engage and comment, live or even on the replay, is going to mean more visibility for you.” At minute 6.55, Stacy talks about attracting more visibility for yourself.


“So how do you get a lot of people to jump on live?” At minute 7.00, Stacy explains ways that you can get a lot of people to jump on live with you.


“Why video is so great...” At minute 7.50, Stacy explains why video, in general, is great- but live streaming is even better!


“So you just need to be you.” At minute 8.55, Stacy talks about how effective it is to just be yourself, when doing a live show.


“They also want to see what's behind you...” At minute 9.47, Stacy talks about how allowing people to see you in your home on video lets them get to know you even more.


“There are some things that we have to make sure that we are controlling.” At minute 10.30, Stacy talks about the importance of having good lighting and a stable picture, when going live.


“But I do love the ring light...” From minute 11.32, Stacy tells you about her favorite kinds of lights and their prices and that they're mostly available from Amazon.


“I use an Arkon mount...” At minute 13.01, Stacy talks about the mounting systems offered by Arkon and offers you a 15% discount coupon for Arkon.


“The content is everything.” At minute 13.53, Stacy talks about the importance of being properly prepared, before jumping on live.


“Do it on your fan page and share it on your Facebook group.” At minute 16.17, Stacy explains that you can put adverts on a fan page, but not on your Facebook Group page.


“I want you to be thinking about how long you're keeping them...” At minute 17.44, Stacy explains the importance of taking the time factor into account, when live streaming and she advises you to keep it as short as possible.


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Jan 31, 2017

Amy Schmittauer is the creator of the popular Youtube series “Savvy Sexy Social”, with millions of views, dedicated to helping you go after the life you want. Known for her edutainment style in the way she teaches, Amy has built a name for herself as an internationally acclaimed public speaker. Now she's launched her first book, Vlog Like A Boss- How To Kill It Online With Video Blogging.


On today's show, Amy will share her collection of strategies and tactics to help you create videos that really get you the attention you deserve.


Some highlights include:


“So I've actually worked for myself full time since 2011...” From minute 0.53, Amy fills in on her background.


“First of all, it was bizarre in the first place to write the book, because that happened from the speaking...” From minute 4.33, Amy shares some of the ups and downs of her book writing process.


“I have some absolutely incredible people that believe in me enough that they would read my book, or just write me a testimonial for the book- for me, really.” At minute 7.34, Amy talks about the support she has and how much it helps her.


“Oh, my gosh, it's unbelievable how difficult it is.” From minute 8.11, Amy talks about how difficult it is to promote a book and how she copes with that.


“I self-published, but I'm working with a publisher that sort of does a hybrid model. They're called Author Academy Elite, so they're fantastic!” At minute 9.23, Amy talks about how she published her book.


“A lot of it is going to be how I continue to build upon this message, so the book is sort of like the catalyst and the starting point.” From minute 11.52, Amy shares her intentions for 2017.


“It's a dream opportunity because you don't have to create the wheel over again.” From minute 14.22, Amy explains why she loves affiliate marketing.


“So it really depends on where you want to be and that depends on who you're trying to communicate with.” From minute 15.20, Amy shares some expertise on the video aspect of her business, highlighting the difference between Youtube and Facebook.


“If what your video is doing does the job and you did the best of your ability at that time, ...” From minute 19.36, Amy advises about what you can do best with your videos on Youtube.


“Think like a human when you're looking at that thumbnail...” At minute 21.44, Amy offers some advice about tweaking your thumbnails on Youtube, to increase the number of views.


“The thumbnail you can get away with, but with SEO you do not want to change the headline, the description or the tags in any capacity.” At minute 23.20, Amy talks about getting the most from SEO.


“It's any one of the fears...” From minute 23.45, Amy offers her advice about dealing with common mistakes she hears about from her students.


“I would definitely recommend that you beef up your channel a bit before you launch.” At minute 25.42, Amy offers advice to someone starting out on Youtube or with podcasts.


“If you're just getting started, start with what you can do for someone else first.” At minute 31.26, Amy offers great advice to people starting out.


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Resources: Publisher- Author Academy Elite

Jan 26, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


The big question in business is: What makes you credible? Regardless of the type of business you have, you are going to want to continue growing your Credibility Bubble. Results come before everything else when it comes to your credibility. These are either results that you have achieved for yourself or results you have achieved for other people. Whichever it is, if you've done it, it gives you that credibility!


On today's show, Stacy talks about ways that you can build your credibility. She discusses how you can do it through the use of media or alternatively, with a great testimonial. Listen in today and learn how you can gain credibility to ensure the success of your business.


Some highlights include:


“So Kathryn Moorhouse was on this show recently...” At minute 0.53, Stacy uses a recent coaching call to demonstrate how you can gain credibility through the success you've given to other people.


“If you're just starting out and you're looking to help others and build your own case studies, reach out to people and offer them something.” At minute 2.42, Stacy offers some great advice to people looking to build their own case studies.


“Credibility comes from someone saying ' You are amazing, buy from her'.” At minute 3.14, Stacy talks about what makes you credible, with both media and testimonials.


“You have to start somewhere...” At minute 4.17, Stacy talks about how you can build your credibility when starting out in business.


“Now why does media make you credible?” At minute 5.36, Stacy talks about why media makes you credible.


“You have another person saying that you are worth every penny. Testimonials are really important” At minute 5.59, Stacy talks about the importance of getting proper testimonials and how to get them.


“You can always just transcribe it and put it into text later.” At minute 9.24, Stacy explains what you can do if you get a video testimonial, but the quality is not good.


“Now are you wondering why these testimonials are so important?” At minute 9.40, Stacy explains why video testimonials are really important.


“Building credibility comes from within.” At minute 10.36, Stacy talks about certain aspects of credibility which are often overlooked.


“There are a lot of people that might be online bashing their competitors, right...” At minute 13.01, Stacy talks about the importance of always talking about your competitors with respect.


“There's always a better version of us out there...” At minute 14.06, Stacy explains that we will always be building our credibility.


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Jan 24, 2017

Josh Elledge is the Founder and Chief Executive Angel of Savings Angel, a membership-based business, launched in 2007, which boosts the buying power of American families with the use of coupons, technology, and smart thinking. Through this, he has become known as one of the nation’s leading experts on consumer savings. Today, they have done more than $5 000 000 in sales.

Since then, Josh has built an additional business called UpEnd PR, a software as a service, membership based website. It has been designed to consult with and provide the tools for entrepreneurs who want to increase their sales by attracting the right audience, without the typical expense associated with a PR firm.

On today's show, Josh, who has appeared on TV and radio shows more than 1500 times, shares some fabulous tools and strategies for media marketing and getting to know the right people, to attract the success you would love to have. Listen in today and learn about how Josh can help you add value to your business.


Some highlights include:


“So about ten years ago, I had been working in internet marketing...” At minute 1.06, Josh tells the incredible story of how he started out.


“So when we launched Savings Angel, I had no money...I was in the process of losing my position with the other company...” From minute 3.59, Josh explains how he started Savings Angel, with no money for advertising!


“So I started teaching other startups and business owners how to do what we do because there's really a science to it.” At minute 5.24, Josh talks about the art to doing PR his way.


“I've boiled it down to kind of the three things that most producers and people in the media are going to gauge very quickly whether or not to engage with you.” From minute 8.20, Josh talks about the three things you need to get together before pitching your product via the media.


“People will pay for your confidence, more so than even your expertise.” At minute 18.26, Josh stresses the importance of being confident with what you do.


“The way to move forward is to grow your business, you need more exposure, you need better conversion, and that's really it.” At minute 21.00, Josh encourages you to grow your business through exposure.


“You can pay your way to get onto major media outlets, but it's expensive.”

“You need to start in your local market, of course, first.” At minute 23.45 and from minute 24.18, Josh talks about how to get onto a show for the first time, if you have no credibility as yet.


“The most important thing that you can get, in my opinion, out of a media placement with a new media outlet, with a new reporter, a new producer, the most important thing you get is the relationship. At minute 26.21, Josh stresses the importance of building relationships, when it comes to media exposure.


“How do you get into these inner circles, right and I'm going to tell you exactly how to get into these inner circles.” From minute 28.48, Josh explains exactly how to get into the media inner circles.


“Yeah, and so you're constantly going around finding how can I bring value to everybody that I meet.” At minute 36.25, Josh talks about the value in always maintaining an attitude of service.


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Josh on Twitter: @joshelledge


To get Josh's Twitter Publicity Mastery Course for free (Normally selling for $99) go to:

If asked for a coupon code, use the word empire.

Jan 19, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


The growth of any business is crucial. It takes lots of work to go out and find new customers. Maintaining a business also takes work, as most people do not have a hundred percent client retention rate. This is where the Dream Fifty can really work for you, to get the results you would like by working smarter rather than harder.


In this episode of She's Building Her Empire, Stacy unpacks the idea of the Dream Fifty, a method that you can use to network with the right people and reach many more people in your target market, with way less effort. A Dream Fifty could be a complimentary business, an organization or even a community. Join Stacy today, as she explains how you can grow your business by using your Dream Fifty.


Some highlights include:


“Write down a list, fifty or more of your dream type people...” From minute 2.20, Stacy explains how you can start using your Dream Fifty.


“Now the trick here is to be as strategic as possible when you're coming up with this, it really needs to be a win win.” At minute 2.50, Stacy explains how to strategize when using your Dream Fifty.


“That one, yes, could be so worth it to you.” At minute 3.35, Stacy explains how valuable even one person can be, when you use your Dream Fifty.


“'No's' are okay, sometimes a 'no' is secretly just a 'not right now'.” At minute 3.40, Stacy explains that sometimes a 'no' is not necessarily a 'never'.


“So when they say 'no', just work your butt off so they become a 'yes' at some point. At minute 4.37, Stacy advises you about how to deal with a 'no'.


“I have a Dream Fifty for my podcast guests that I want to interview. I also have a Dream Fifty for shows that I want to be on...” At minute 4.50, Stacy talks about how she uses her Dream Fifty in her business.


“So Jared just recently launched a book, 3 Billion Under 30...” At minute 5.55, Stacy shares where she discovered the Dream Fifty idea.


“He then asked me if I wanted to interview any of the experts in the book, that he could personally get me an introduction.” At minute 7.06, Stacy talks about her personal experience of the benefits using of the Dream Fifty.


“It's easy to be an affiliate to something when you're involved in it.” At minute 7.56, Stacy talks about another advantage to using your Dream Fifty.


“Your network is your net worth.” At minute 9.06, Stacy reminds you that whatever you put out in business, will come back.


“When somebody introduces you that you're friends with, you're going to take it more seriously- it's not going to feel like a spam-type email...” At minute 10.45, Stacy talks about the value of personal


“Don't forget to reach out to specific people. Use your network and give.” At minute 11.33, Stacy encourages you to give freely, without any expectation of reward.


“We just opened up our She's Building Her Empire Live, a live event that we'll be hosting this April, so we have early bird pricing going on right now.” At minute 14.35, Stacy talks about her live event and tells you how to get hold of early bird tickets at a special price.


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Book: 3 Billion Under 30 by Jared Kleinert

Jan 17, 2017

Jared Kleinert has been named USA Today's most connected millennial. He is an entrepreneur, Ted and keynote speaker and an author. After years of identifying and connecting thousands of the world's smartest and most talented millennials, his first book, “2 Billion under 20”, was voted number the one entrepreneurship book of 2015.He has become a marketing and business development consultant forVenture-Backed Startups, Fortune 500 companies, New York Times best selling authors and many others. He has been featured by most major media outlets, such as National Fox, EDC, Washington Post, Forbes Fortune and many others.He has also been named a champion for humanity by the United Nations. He has just released his latest book, “3 Billion Under 30”


In this episode, Jared talks to Stacy about his latest book and how it compares to his first one. He also discusses his motivations, business strategies and his vision for the future.


Some highlights include:



I, instead, wanted to be like this super connector character... and started meeting other entrepreneurs and assumed the role of connector within my own entrepreneurial community.” At minute 6.34, Jared talks about his vision, when starting out as an entrepreneur.


“It was really first person accounts, very intimate stories and it was a multi- disciplinary voice...”  At minute 9.10, Jared talks about the detailed, first person accounts in his unique first book, “2 Billion Under 20”.


The difference, really, was in the actual experiences...” From minute 10.50, Jared talks about the difference between his first and second books.


I'm a connector, I learned a lot of this from David...I really built this skill set of being able to bring different ideas and people together to accomplish bigger things for society and in business.” From minute 15.45 Jared talks about his greatest strengths.


In order to get the book made, it took thousands of emails and calls and different things like that to get seventy five people to agree to making the book...” From minute 21.31, Jared shares what it means to have two hundred people helping him with his book.


After someone buys the book right now, they get sent to this 'thank you' page.... that has the potential to create a viral loop of sorts, where, in order to get these bonuses, someone has to really learn about what we're doing and share it on social media and so that creates more marketing for us as well.” At minute 29.00, Jared talks about his after sales business.


I would say, just be cautious about your decision making...”  From minute 31.50, Jared shares some advice for entrepreneurs wanting to get to the next level.


The long-term vision is to be able to help as many people as possible to act on their passions in life and unite them in solving the biggest and most pressing problems of our time.” At minute 32.44, Jared talks about the long term vision behind his books.


Jan 12, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.


Just a few months ago, Stacy Tuschl, who has been an entrepreneur since the age of eighteen, would have told you that she had no need to work on her mindset. She wanted to work on strategy and technical, tactical things. She had no idea that she was struggling with mindset issues- money mindset in particular. 


On today's show, Stacy shares about how mindsets can really play a devastating role in your business, if left unchecked. She talks openly and transparently, about how she works on changing her mindset around money.


Some highlights include:


“The moment I realized that I had a big money mindset problem was really just with my last launch.” At minute 1.20, Stacy shares her realization that she had a problem with her mindset around money.


“I've spent around two thousand dollars so far, not including my bachelor's degree, right. I've paid for coaches, masterminds, courses- online, in person- live events, for over a decade...” From minute 2.56, Stacy discusses the cost of creating value in yourself.


“We get more expensive with time and with experience and every time we raise our prices, we'll be second guessing...” From minute 4.19, Stacy encourages you to work on your money mindset, to realize your true value.


“That means that I've never had to create a resume... and I need to start compiling one.” At minute 4.36, Stacy talks about creating a resume, to see what you've already done and so create confidence and increase your value.


“Are you valuing yourself? Do you truly believe in your price points?” From minute 5.48, Stacy encourages you to really know how incredible you are


“We talked about revenue goals.” At minute 6.36, Stacy talks about a challenge she did recently in her Facebook group.


“It's not weird for me to expect somebody to pay two thousand, when I invest even more than that.” At minute 7.50, Stacy talks about how investing in yourself makes you worth more.


“So I listened to something called Trigum Healing (on Youtube) and I honestly didn't even listen that well or with a hundred percent presence... the good news is it still worked!” At minute 9.30, Stacy shares what she realized about herself, listening to a meditation and the confidence she gained from that.


“I needed to tell him that with this very serious intention of it's going to happen with no joking or laughing... I really felt confident in telling him that. At minute 12.30, Stacy shares about how she set her mind to increase her income by $12 000 per month!


“First you need to set a goal...” From minute 14.18, Stacy recaps what she's learned about creating the right mindset and the good, better, best model.


“If you haven't done our free 5 day Plan to Profit Challenge, I want you to head over there and get started.” Ay minute 15.42, Stacy urges you to do her 5 day challenge, to get a  clear vision of where you want to go in 2017.


To contact Stacy:


Stacy's website:


Stacy's Plan To Profit Challenge:


Stacy's Live Event in April:






Jan 10, 2017

Wendy Gendreau is a Life Strategist Coach with her priorities well in line! She's a mother of four, soon to be five children, with multiple businesses- from brick and mortar, to online. Wendy, who home schools her kids, is passionate about helping people change their lives without having to sacrifice their families in the process. She loves giving people the opportunity to have options and choices in their lives.


In this episode, Wendy talks to Stacy about how she copes with running her businesses and also giving her husband and kids the attention they deserve. Wendy believes in working smarter, not harder and still having a blast!


Some highlights include:


“I was born in a very normal household, raised very ordinarily... we had a great family, but I always knew I was destined for so much more.” From minute 1.05, Wendy tells her story.


“It was at that point that I really wanted to grasp onto that there was something better out there and I didn't know how, I didn't know what, but I knew it was possible.” At minute 1.38, Wendy talks about the birth process of her creating a successful life.


“When my youngest, right now she's gonna be three, but when she was one month old, that was when I actually started two of my three businesses...” From minute 2.26, Wendy talks about starting her businesses with four small children!


“And I really believe it was because I had my priorities in alignment, so there was never any stressful, overwhelming frustration burnout, because I never overstepped my boundaries and I just trusted the process.” At minute 3.00, Wendy explains how she made it work.


“The brick and mortar is a franchise store.” At minute 3.23, Wendy talks about her brick and mortar business.


“Well, it started with just being completely obsessed with personal development.” From minute 4.10, Wendy talks about how she started out as a Life Strategist Coach.


“I think it was a limiting belief...” At minute 6.00, Wendy talks about a limiting belief she overcame.


“So the first step is always gratitude.” At minute 6.56, Wendy talks about overcoming your limitations with gratitude.


“So it's really, truly just figuring out where you are in life and where you want to go and what's stopping you in between” At minute 9.27, Wendy explains how you can know what you're meant to be doing.


“We have just accepted every blessing we have been given and I just kinda roll with it.” From minute 13.12, Wendy talks about how she copes as a home schooling mom and a business owner.


“Well, fun looks a little different for me...” From minute 14.39, Wendy talks about how she incorporates fun into her picture, being so busy.


“Well, I think probably deserving success...” From minute 16.08, Wendy talks about something that she still struggles with overcoming and how she deals with it.


“Number one, journaling, I've always been an avid journaler... I love listening to podcasts...” From minute 18.47, Wendy shares what she does to maintain the mindset she chooses to have.


“When it comes to suppertime, you can either eat, or not eat, coz I'm not making separate food for every single one of happy for what we have.” From minute 20.48, Wendy talks about how she inspires gratitude in her children.


Jan 6, 2017

Kathryn Moorhouse developed her passion for marketing through following her business degree with a post grad in marketing. Later, while working as an au pair in South Africa, she had an idea to start a company, manufacturing baby clothing.

While developing her business, she found Lilah Higgins on Facebook. Kathryn realized that she needed to connect with others who had more experience and know-how than she did, in order to grow her business quickly and successfully, so she got really involved with Lilah's Facebook group and soon became the group's administrator.

She took over running the Facebook group when Lilah went on holiday and later became her VA, running all her social media groups.This is how Kathryn discovered that Pinterest really grabbed her attention and also how Stacy became one of her clients.


On today's Online Coaching Call, Stacy coaches Kathryn and shares her insight and experience with her. Join Stacy today and benefit from watching her help Kathryn create a more profitable and effective online business.


Some highlights include:


“I'm focusing on Pinterest next year- that's the goal with the business.” At minute 4.20, Kathryn talks about her focus for 2017.


“So at the moment we don't have kids, so my goal is to really use this time to build it up to the point that I have free time later on.” From minute 7.06, Kathryn discusses her business intentions for the future.


“You have to set time aside, otherwise you don't get it done.” At minute 11.44, Kathryn talks about setting time aside for each aspect of business, in order to get it all done.


“A couple of things I do with my coaching clients- we create this journey.” At minute 13.24,  Stacy encourages Kathryn with suggestions to bring more people to her Pinterest courses.


“So the whole strategy behind a tripwire is...” At minute 15.35, Stacy explains the benefit of the Tripwire Strategy to Kathryn.


“You could absolutely hire a VA under you. You're still looking at it, making sure it looks good and it's up to your standards, but once your VA works with you long enough and knows you, they're gonna be as good as you.” At minute 19.33, Stacy encourages Kathryn to train a potential VA in the way that she prefers to work.


“So I really like this 'Do it with you- Do it for you- Do it by you' (strategy), because that filters it into a very easy to follow...” At minute 21.41, Kathryn explains why she loves the strategy that Stacy suggested.


“You can have payment plans, so it's not something that feels like so much money for them.” At minute 25.56, Stacy shares the value in offering payment plans to clients.


“I do think your website has to be one of your top priorities.” At minute 31.37, Stacy talks about the priorities in an online business.


“You also really want testimonials...would you also mind if I screenshot it- where you were and where you are now, working with me?” At minute 31.45, Stacy shares the value of testimonials and how to make them even more effective as a website marketing tool, by using screenshots of the analytics.


“Once you have the one and it's working, add more.” At minute 35.41, Stacy talks about how to use freemiums effectively as a marketing tool.


“I would suggest even starting with something like 'Mailchimp' or 'Convertkit' that's like $29 a month...”  At minute 36.17, Stacy suggests email tools to start off with, that work well, but are free or inexpensive.


“There are so many ways to do this for free that could blow up your business just this year, for sure!” At minute 37.52, Stacy fantastic, free marketing strategies with Kathryn.


“You've got to know your competitors in this space...” At minute 39.28, Stacy encourages Kathryn to check out what her competitors are doing.


To contact Kathryn:  (*Note- website still being constructed)


Facebook: Kathryn Moorhouse


To contact Stacy:

Jan 4, 2017

Lilah Higgins is a branding designer and coach with a fine art background, currently living right at the foot of the Yellowstone National Park. She works with talented Makers, providing them with logos, branding and design consultation. She's the founder of the #waketomake hashtag on Instagram.


On today's show, Lilah talks to Stacy about designs and logos and she shares some tips to create a brand with the look that's right for you.


Some highlights include:


“So I started right after we got married...” At minute 1.09, Lilah tells Stacy about where she started.


“Yeah, it's kind of a sensitive topic for some...” At minute 3.20, Lilah talks about the sensitive issue of helping clients with choosing the right name for their business.


“Your brand is not so much what you like necessarily, even your style...” From minute 5.10, Lilah shares some tips for finding the right look for your brand.


“Yeah, I feel like I'm constantly tweaking my brand.” From minute 7.50, Lilah talks about tweaking your brand.


“Right, and when you have too many crazy fonts- when you start to create content, it doesn't end up looking cohesive.” At minute 8.46, Lilah talks about the value in choosing simple designs.


“I'd pretty much limit it to three, with most of my clients.” At minute 9.19, Lilah discusses the appropriate number of fonts to use on your website.


“It really depends on the person and designer- I know I start with logo, usually.” At minute 10.23, Lilah talks about where to start with building or rebuilding a brand.


“I am able to educate my clients in a gracious way and tell them 'hey, this is not going to convert for you- not going to look as professional as you want it to look'.” At minute 12.04, Lilah talks about how she helps clients without stepping on their toes.


“I usually send my clients to Pinterest first...” At minute 13.13, Lilah shares where she goes to get ideas and inspiration for the brands that her clients want.


“Templates are great- if you can get your designer to create templates for you...”

“If you can find a style of stock imagery that works for you...”   At minutes 14.30 and 15.39, she shares some tips for people wanting to create consistency across various social media platforms.


“Probably too many fonts.” At minute 16.40, Lilah talks about the biggest mistake she sees with other people's branding.


“I have a very well curated tribe on Facebook and they have helped me immensely.” At minute 17.26, Lilah talks about the value of her Facebook group.


“So they're home with me for the majority of the week, but my sister takes them overnight Thursdays and Fridays and so I'm able to have that time.” At minute 18.42, Lilah explains how she manages her day and stays a high performer as a mom to two toddlers.


“I actually use Over a lot for my social media templates and my blog templates and everything...” At minute 21.06, Lilah shares an online tool she uses to create gorgeous brands.


“Collaborate with someone.” At minute 22.13, Lilah offers her advice to someone looking to really uplevel their business.”


To contact Lilah:


Lilah's website:


Lilah on Instagram: @thehigginscreative





Jan 2, 2017

Stacy Tuschl is a speaker, business coach, and the owner of The Academy of Performing Arts in Wisconsin. She is the author of the book “Is Your Business Worth Saving?” where she reveals proven strategies for pulling entrepreneurs out of a rut and launching them toward business success.

Welcome to the very first episode of She's Building Her Empire, with Stacy Tuschl.

In this introductory episode, Stacy shares with you what you can expect from both her and the community of She's Building He Empire in 2017. This is going to be one crazy year!

Some highlights include:

“Now you will still get three episodes every week, but we're going to be mixing it up a little bit.” From minute 0.40, Stacy talks about what can be expected in the new show.

“Will I include men in the show?” At minute 1.09, Stacy talks about her decision to include men in the show.

“Now the content will be expanded upon in our weekly newsletter...” At minute 1.57, Stacy talks about her weekly newsletter and what you can expect to find in it.

“So first, if you have a question and you're dying for me to answer it..” At minute 2.13, Stacy talks about how to go about asking a question, to have it answered on the show.

“I spend a lot of time and a lot of money building organic relationships and I drive a lot of pay traffic to my website.” At minute 2.51, Stacy talks about creating visibility through connecting with her.

“If you have more than one question that you want answered, you can be featured as an 'on air coaching call'” From minute 3.00, Stacy talks about her 'on air coaching calls' and how they work.

“It's also great marketing for me. Women get to hear what it's like working with me.” From minute 4.01, Stacy discusses the three wins to be gained from being featured in 'on air coaching calls'.

“Now if you're interested, go to” At minute 5.07, Stacy gives a direct link for you to contact her about on air coaching.

“You can also belong to the Facebook community. Right now we have over eight hundred female entrepreneurs already in there.” At minute 5.31, Stacy discusses the Facebook community and its supportive value.

“Then in 2017, we are going to be blowing up on social media everywhere.” At minute 6.19, Stacy talks about where to find her on various social media platforms in 2017.

“So one of my big strategies for 2017 is really just to do what I do best- and that is to focus on content recreation, you know, actually recording this, interacting with my clients- that is what I'm going to work on.” At minute 6.52, Stacy discusses her strategy for 2017.

“You can do it way faster with others, not to mention it's way more enjoyable when you have other people helping you.” At minute 7.25, Stacy talks about the benefits of collaborating with others.

“We'll talk about marketing, client acquisition, branding, the not so fun stuff that you need to hear and know.” From minute 8.27, Stacy shares what she intends talking about on her show in 2017.




My book:


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